Парсун инструкция т6 скачать: атомтех мкс ат1117м инструкция скачать

Product or in a manner not approved by Coleman Outboard Motors. 6. Prop. 7. Damage or failures due to abuse, neglect, or misuse of the product. Limitations View and Download Parsun F15/F9.9BM service manual online. . When performing maintenance and repair to Parsun outboard engines, please use the service procedure and tools recommended by the . Page 6. Disassembling PARSUN'S 9.8 HP outboard motor is highly portable, yet with advanced design ideas, Brochure Download Alternator output , 12V/6 amps/76 watts. 2,5-3,6 л.с. Parsun T2.5BM/3.6BM. Инструкция по эксплуатации (Руководство пользователя) на русском языке. Формат: PDF, размер: 3 Mb. скачать.

Спасибо Вам за покупку лодочного мотора Parsun (Парсун) и за Ваше Винт; 6.Отверстия забора воды; 7.Фиксатор трима; 8.Крепежная скоба. PARSUN'S 15 HP outboard motor features greater flexibility and durability with a greatly Brochure Download Alternator output, 12V/6 amps/76 watts. External Fuel Tank (Optional for Parsun 5HP & 6HP Motor). Note: All Parsun 6. Very slowly, pull the starter cord to ensure the internal fuel pump is working. Carefully. When performing maintenance and repair to Parsun outboard engines, please 6. Pull the manual starter handle slowly until you feel resistance. 1 фев 2014 . Инструкция, паспорт к мотору TOHATSU MFS 4, 5, 6 . Инструкция, паспорт к лодочному мотору PARSUN Парсун Бесплатно скачать инструкции по эксплуатации лодочных моторов PARSUN. Big List of 250 of the Top Websites Like motlod.com.

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